Built-In Floating Filing Cabinets

Monday, July 17th, 2017 @ 11:25 pm

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This was a pretty interesting DDW project; it came out looking as simple and clean as the drawings and was mostly a pleasure to make :P.  Every project has their challenges and this was no exception, but I think it honed my understanding of making and installing built-ins, at least smaller and simpler ones like these, leaving me feeling equipped to manage it sometime in the future.

Floating filing cabinets, the cutout is for cables and computer wiring.

Touch-open drawers, soft-close.

One interesting aspect of this project was that my coworker built one set of cabinets (above) and I built the other (below).  Drawers are tricky things, and take some fussing.  Not really my bag.  The unit I built (below) was about 12-15 feet long (I don’t remember exactly now), and had separate face frames for the cabinets with doors, applied to the boxes before finishing, and one solid face frame assembly for the open boxes which we left unattached to transport the boxes separately, but have no seams between them when all was installed onsite.  It came out pretty nice, and was very satisfying to build, cut all tight joinery for with the domino, and then test-fit before spraying to find that everything matched up and was sucked in tight!  I went in early that morning to check it all, it was a good way to start the day!


Solid face frame for all open cabinets, applied onsite.

The full shebang. There’s a steel beam underneath helping to hold things rigidly inline over such a long distance. All boxes are hung on french cleats.


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