Hello!My passion for making has blossomed and expanded since its inception.  The ability to realize my imagination and work as a part of a group is the most empowering and satisfying thing I’ve done, and I’ve made it my practice to share this self-discovery with others.  In my work I aim to learn, expanding my skillsets in all directions to quench my thirst for more and new.  I practice teaching and sharing my newfound knowledge with others, and spreading the sense of capability – of freedom – that I get out of learning and making, a form of play.  I practice instinctual, curious making.

Making is play; it is a completion of a sketch and a realization of a thought in its fuller form.  It is discovery and experimentation, an opportunity to learn and to grow.  I attempt to bring these feelings to my work in the hope that a viewer might share that sense of opening, newness, and wonderment.  My work is largely about curating the self, and sharing it with others.

Blake Johnson

I’m Blake Johnson; I graduated from MassArt’s sculpture program in 2014, where I focused on woodworking and mixed media fabrication.  I’ve worked as a shop/building maintenance assistant and teacher in an educational woodworking shop, at an exhibition fabrication shop making displays and museum set pieces, and on various timberframing projects where collaboration and teamwork is key.  I’m passionate about collaborative group work that is imaginative and fun and exciting.

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